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  Key Products and Technology


structure time shift

homogenous complexes of Lanthanides & heavy metals



 magnetic target liposomes

for radiation therapy, drug targeting, imaging and diagnosis (PXT, NCT, MDT, MRI, PET)



poly-Ferrofluids (30-300 nm)

with large magnetic moment for medical applications (MDT, PXT, NCT, MRI)



upright magnetic balance

 device for characterization of magnetic nanoparticles


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DPhG 2007

10.-13.10.2005 Erlangen

Target Nanoparticles for
cancer therapy

presentation using nanoproducts from Nanovel and FerroMed


 SNI 2006

10.2006 Hamburg

Target Nanoparticles for
cancer therapy

3 presentations using products from Nanovel and FerroMed


6th Ferrofluid workshop

20.-22. 7.2005 Saarbruecken

Magnetic target liposome (MTL)

presentation of concept and results of  three ML-types for cancer therapy and diagnosis

 (handout as PDF-file)

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